TTI-622 is Trillium’s second SIRPαFc fusion protein. TTI-622 consists of the same extracellular CD47-binding domain of human SIRPα as TTI-621 but has an IgG4 Fc region instead of an IgG1 Fc (see Figure below).


The IgG4 Fc region of TTI-622 interacts more modestly with Fc receptors than IgG1, and thus TTI-622 is predicted to deliver a more modest "eat" signal to macrophages. As both molecules share the same SIRPα region they will achieve the same level of CD47 blockade. These two decoy receptors thus allow us to equivalently block the inhibitory CD47 signal while tuning the amount of Fc "eat" signal that macrophages receive. Importantly, TTI-622 also does not bind appreciably to human red blood cells, and thus could potentially achieve best-in-class status among IgG4-based CD47 blocking agents.


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