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Trillium Therapeutics Inc. is a clinical stage immuno-oncology company developing innovative therapies for the treatment of cancer. The company’s lead program, TTI-621, is a SIRPαFc fusion protein that consists of the CD47-binding domain of human SIRPα linked to the Fc region of a human immunoglobulin (IgG1). It is designed to act as a soluble decoy receptor, preventing CD47 from delivering its inhibitory ("do not eat") signal. Neutralization of the inhibitory CD47 signal enables the activation of macrophage anti-tumor effects by pro-phagocytic ("eat") signals. The IgG1 region of TTI-621 may also assist in the activation of macrophages by engaging Fc receptors.

A Phase 1 clinical trial (NCT02663518) evaluating intravenous dosing of TTI-621 in patients with advanced cancer is ongoing, and a second Phase 1 trial evaluating direct intratumoral injections is underway in solid tumors and mycosis fungoides (NCT02890368). TTI-621 has recently been granted an Orphan Drug Designation by the FDA for the treatment of cutaneous T-cell lymphoma. A second SIRPαFc fusion protein, TTI-622, is expected to begin clinical testing in 2018. TTI-622 consists of CD47-binding domain of human SIRPα linked to the Fc region of a human IgG4, which delivers a more modest "eat" signal than IgG1.

Trillium also has a proprietary medicinal chemistry platform, using unique fluorine chemistry, which permits the creation of new chemical entities from validated drugs and drug candidates with improved pharmacological properties. Stemming from this platform, the company’s most advanced preclinical program is an orally-available epidermal growth factor receptor antagonist with increased uptake and retention in the brain. In addition, this platform is being utilized to generate a number of discovery stage compounds.


CD47 binds SIRPαFc on the surface of macrophages, and transmits a "do not eat" signal that protects cells from macrophage attack

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TTI-2341 is a novel covalent inhibitor of wild type and mutant EGFR developed with Trillium's proprietary fluorine chemistry

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