CD200-specific monoclonal antibody

Trillium has developed fully human monoclonal antibodies that block the activity of CD200, an immunosuppressive molecule that many tumors exploit to evade attack from the immune system.

There is abundant evidence that CD200 is overexpressed by many different types of hematological and solid tumors, and in numerous cases this overexpression correlates with disease progression and poor clinical outcome. Tumor-expressed CD200 can modulate anti-tumor responses in vitro and in vivo, and antibodies that block CD200 have been shown to promote anti-tumor immunity in animal models of cancer.

Our antibodies bind to human CD200 with high affinity, potently neutralize CD200 function in vitro, and have anti-tumor activity in a human xenograft model. This program is ready to enter formal Investigational New Drug (IND)-enabling studies once a development partner has been secured.

Quick Facts

CD200 is an immunosuppressive molecule used by many tumors to evade the immune system

CD200 is overexpressed in many types of hematological and solid tumors

CD200 mAb blocks the activity of CD200


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